Public Insurance Adjusters

One of the things everyone hates about filing a claim is that it’s not like you’re friends with your insurance company. In fact, they’ll be trying to find any reasons why their policy doesn’t cover what happened and how much money they can get out of settling or even denying your claim outright if possible.

The way most people see this situation when something bad happens to them is that an insurance company should do whatever necessary in order to help pay for the damages done as soon as possible without argument, but too often there will always be some catch which renders certain claims ineligible.

At I Adjust Claims, we are a team of highly skilled and experienced insurance specialists who serve as your advocate in the claims process, taking on all stress so you can get back to running your business. We’ve worked with some of the largest property damage incidents ever seen, from large manufacturing facilities, apartment complexes, or even family-owned retail centers. With a proven track record for negotiating successful settlements within a short time frame, we take care of everything while you focus on getting better!

When disaster strikes, call us to manage your property damage insurance claim. We specialize in commercial, residential, and industrial properties that need help navigating the stressful and lengthy process of filing a successful claim with major insurers. Our team has been instrumental in several large-scale claims from natural disasters such as hurricanes and landfall, where we were able to navigate and claim damages without any issues!