Property Damages

When a company needs help negotiating with their insurance company, they call on our experts. We have the knowledge and experience needed to get them a fair deal that will offer protection for what matters most-their business.

We provide invaluable services when it comes time to negotiate compensation from an insurance provider after something has gone wrong or been damaged at your place of work. We are the liaison between policyholders and insurance companies. As a result, we obtain valuable information from both parties to help settle disputes or claims for damages incurred as a result of natural disasters. We produce very detailed reports that can be used by either side should they need it later down the line, so our work is not only rewarding but also necessary in these circumstances.

It is our mission to represent the policyholder and advocate for them in their time of need, and for this, we offer a variety of services even outside more traditional report work, such as forensic accounting reports, salvage reports, contents damages estimates, or evaluating insurance risks.