Company Profile

We are experienced and knowledgeable professionals in this industry. We investigate, estimate, and negotiate a client’s insurance claim to the company for their particular needs before returning with an appropriate solution that will give them peace of mind. Our team is also able to provide Insurance Risk Valuation services which values property risk (called exposures) for our clients’ ensuring the underwriting department so they can decide how much coverage is required based on the associated risks.

I Adjust Claim History – Hurricane that Leads the Way!

I started working in the insurance industry in 1992, and I first learned insurance property adjusting immediately after when Hurricane Andrew demolished Homestead, Florida; in August 1992, There was no Internet, and I wrote millions of dollars of estimates with pencil, paper, and calculator. To make a long story short, for 28 years, I negotiated with public adjusters many times, but I wanted to learn the insurance industry to a point where I couldn’t learn anymore. That has occurred, and now I’m a public insurance adjuster doing everything required to settle a claim, which is much more than just gathering technical data from a loss.

About The Founder

I’m an Executive General Adjuster with 29 years of experience. Knowledge and experience have convinced me that serving as a public adjuster would better suit my goals and serve the public. I enjoy serving the public. I will represent you with a professional insurance company presentation supported by a thorough investigation and photographic verification.

I analyze, synthesize, and objectively report all insignificant losses in detail. With your carefully prescribed instructions, we can do anything. I believe in prompt reporting with a list of claim solutions to fit your approval. I have the Florida, Texas, Virginia, and Maryland general adjusting licenses. I currently serve Maryland and Virginia in Public Adjusting. Eventually, expansion into Washington DC and the surrounding states is projected.