About Us

I ADUST CLAIMS is committed to offering claim settlement and public adjustments. For the last 29 years, people working with us have been in the insurance claim and settlement business, assisting people in receiving the claim settlements they deserve. Filing a claim may be frustrating, so we advocate for our clients to help the process go as smoothly as possible while maximizing payments.

We meet with our clients to determine whether their loss necessitates filing or reopening a claim, explaining how the process works, documenting the paperwork, coordinating and communicating with the insurance company, preparing loss estimates, and negotiating to get them the settlement they deserve.

I ADUST CLAIMS streamlines the claims process by assisting with damage assessment, property inspection, claim submission, official paperwork, and payment processing. We understand how to correctly perform each phase of the property claims process to obtain the most favorable results. We also serve as expert Insurance Claims Consultants for customers who have already begun the process of filing a claim.

We understand that the majority of individuals are unaware of the insurance claim procedure, and as a result, they miss out on money owed to them by the insurance company. That’s why we have developed a simple yet effective strategy for managing your insurance claims so you get what you deserve and your property is restored without causing you significant expenses.